Rodan + Fields Reverse Lightening: My Fave Skincare Regimen

About a year ago I realized that I was going to have to step up my skincare game.  I was 36 years old with brown spots from melasma, big pores and overall dull-looking skin.  The drug store brands weren’t doing much for me – cheap ones, pricier ones – nothing was working well.  So I finally decided to take the leap into the Rodan + Fields skincare world.  It was a world I had heard about…a lot…on Facebook…from gals I know.  The products cost more than the drug store brands, but I started to realize that was probably a good sign instead of a bad one.  MOST of the time the phrase, You get what you pay for, rings true.  I was hoping that was the case with R+F.

It was.

I started with the Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening regimen and was relieved to see my skin starting to improve after about a month or so of use.  The dark spots were fading and my skin just looked… better.  Later I added their Lash Boost, a magical little tube of serum that basically gives you fabulous lashes.  And for someone like me that was born with very sad, short eyelashes, this was exciting.  Although the Lash Boost was also not what one would call a budget item, the 60-day money back guarantee comforted me.  I had high hopes that this stuff would give me longer looking and luscious lashes.

It did.

Sounds perfectly amazing, right?  Well, it most certainly was… until I screwed it up.  About 4 months in I dropped the Reverse and swapped to Redefine, which helps with anti aging, lines, wrinkles and pores.  And then a few months after that, I was careless in the summer sun and didn’t reapply sunscreen as much as I should have.  The brown spots started coming back.  Crap.  Not only had I prematurely quit using a regimen that was working for me simply because I was curious about another, but I also failed to abide by the absolute number cardinal rule of melasma, Reverse and skincare, in general – SUN PROTECTION.  No, I didn’t go out and get burned.  But I also didn’t act as carefully as one is supposed to, especially when you have a history of melasma.

Way to go, Britney.

So, back to Reverse I went.  But this time I chose their Lightening version, which is better for tough brown spots.  Please let my skin look good again, I thought.

It does.img_8417img_8401img_8497

Y’all, I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in your skin.  The way that healthy skin makes me feel is priceless.  Plus, if I’m going to be blasting my face all over Instagram everyday, it may as well look good, right?

For the rest of the month of January, you’ll get a free R+F mini facial pack with every single order you place AT THIS LINK (click Shop Skincare).  Choose to become a Preferred Customer and get 10% off plus free shipping on all orders over $80.  It’s totally worth it. And if your lashes need help like mine did, you can even order a regimen and Lash Boost bundle at a discount.  Perfection.

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