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Once upon a time I just KNEW I would be a super duper successful television actor. Turns out that I’m not quite a super duper successful television actor (yet! ha!), but I have enjoyed some exciting experiences on stages and sets over the years.

I’ve found that my long background as an actor, on both stage and screen, has come in quite handy in the online marketing world.  Being confident on-camera has helped me teach those skills and confidence to other business owners.  Plus, social media is like my own little stage.  I love an audience.  😉

Over 20 years working in our small family business owned by my dad gave me a better education on business than any University could’ve possibly given me. It helps me to truly connect with my small business owner clients. I know that life. And I know what most small business owners go through in order to sometimes simply keep the doors open. Growing up and working in our family business is one of the best assets I have as the owner of my own business nowadays.

My husband, Ryan, and I got married in December of 2004 and welcomed our first kiddo, Rowdy, in 2011.  His little sister, Romy, came along in 2014.  Our family of four lives just outside of Houston, TX not far from where Ryan and I grew up.

Ryan and I love to travel, both with and without the kids.  And we love wine.  Otherwise, we don’t have a whole lot in common.  I’d say we’re a very good example of “opposites attract”.  He’s a little bit country.  I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll.  And so far, we still like each other. 🙂

I spend my days working from home for my Fun Love Media clients and hosting my podcast, The Social Sunshine Podcast.  One of the amazing things about owning my own business is that I can stop for a dance break in my stories or on TikTok whenever I feel like it. #DanceLife And at night, after my kiddos are in bed, you’ll find me curled up with some wine watching reality TV.

If I had to describe myself in a few words it would be – extroverted, empathetic, ambitious, kind and fun.  I love a party, yo. And speaking of parties, welcome to mine. I’m so happy to have you.

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