I’m happy you’re here!  If you don’t like fun, you’re in the wrong place.

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, entertainer, travel lover, wine drinker, food eater and all around nice gal.  I reside in the Houston area with my husband, son, daughter and dog.

What does “entrepreneur” mean?
For me, it means that I own multiple businesses and have a crazy obsession with living life on my terms and having a ton of fun along the way.

Let’s work together!
Whether you want to do a social media collaboration, need a super cool and talented 😉 writer or actor, or want help starting your own WINE BUSINESS, email me!

Wait, wine business?
Yes!  Imagine a home-based business that revolves around wine!  Or… Don’t want a business but love wine?  You can join the wine club as a customer!  Unique wines from all over the world delivered to your door every month?  Yes, please!  Email me at Britney@BritneyCrosson.com

What do I write about?
Luxury Travel for Sights And Sips

What type of entertainer am I?
I’ve been a performer since childhood and have years of experience as an actor on stage and screen.

Follow me!
@BritneyCrosson on Instagram
@BritneyCrosson on Twitter
@BritneyCrossonOfficial on Facebook

Watch me!
Britney Crosson YouTube Channel

This website is intended for adult readers and may contain explicit language.

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