Britney Crosson is the host and producer of top rated marketing podcast, The Social Sunshine Podcast, which helps small business owners and entrepreneurs with social media and online marketing. The Social Sunshine podcast debuted in November 2019 and has charted in countries across the world.

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Britney is such a ray of sunshine, so this podcast is appropriately named. Her positive outlook is sure to give you the confidence you need to tackle whatever topic you’re learning from her. I can’t wait to learn more from her. I’ve learned so much already!

– Carleyad, iTunes Review

Started to binge the podcasts right away. She’s so fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to more!!!

– wtfryng, iTunes Review

I love this podcast because Britney gives advice that is so easy for anyone to implement in their social media.

– Amosgood, iTunes Review

Britney always helps me so much with my business!!! She is a great leader and I love the show.

– Jeff Vulpis, iTunes Review
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