Parents Getaway to Miami – What to Do

There was so much to share about our parents getaway to Miami, that I had to write this second blog post about it.  You can read all about the Miami hotel and restaurant highlights on my previous post, here.  Now it’s time to chat about fun things to do in Miami on a kid-free parents getaway. Continue reading “Parents Getaway to Miami – What to Do”


Unique Men’s Watch – The Perfect Gift for a Well Rounded Man

My husband, Ryan, has worked in industrial construction for over 20 years.  If you’re not familiar with that line of work, let me explain it to you a bit.  The location is typically a power plant or a chemical plant.  The offices are usually made of manufactured buildings with no fancy corner office views.  And most of the action takes place outdoors in the heat or cold.  Let’s just say it’s not like working for Google with nap pods, free meals and a volleyball court. These job sites are full of a wide variety of people working hard, and sometimes working very long hours. Continue reading “Unique Men’s Watch – The Perfect Gift for a Well Rounded Man”