Mondays Don’t Have To Suck

What is it about Mondays that brings on the eye rolls?  Don’t vomit, but I truly think that we should look at Monday as a fresh start.  Sure, it means that the weekend is over, but we all knew it was going to happen.  And while it may be sad to say goodbye to a fabulous weekend, it can also be exciting to say hello to Monday.

Here are my top 3 ways to make your Mondays better.

1.  Get a new gig.
Yeah, easier said than done.  But if you MAJORLY dread going back to work every single Monday, then I’d say you need a change.  And making that change may not be as complicated as you assume.  Whether you make an abrupt change or a gradual one, you can totally make it happen.  Watch this video of mine about considering less traditional jobs.  Maybe that will give you a little shove in the right direction.

2.  Schedule something enjoyable every Monday.
Give yourself a reason to look forward to Mondays.  Schedule your favorite exercise class on Mondays, save your fave TV shows to watch on Mondays or make Mondays a date night.  Even if you spend the first part of your Monday at work, you know you’ve got something fun lined up for afterwards.

3.  Write about your weekend.
Write a Facebook post, complete with pictures, all about the great weekend you had (annoying to some, but most folks like knowing about your adventures).  Or simply make a list of your 3 favorite things about your weekend.  Either way, you’ll be expressing your gratitude, which is a great way to make any day go better, not just Mondays.

Published by Britney Crosson

Britney Crosson is a social media thought leader that encourages business owners and creators to use their existing skills, talents and knowledge to create exciting content that will make a positive impact on their audiences.

 She is the host and executive producer of top global marketing podcast, The Social Sunshine Podcast, owner of Fun Love Media, a social media management and content creation agency based in Houston, TX, and the founder of Small Biz Social Society, a membership that helps ambitious entrepreneurs stand out on social media. 

 A performer since childhood with a total of 35+ years experience on stage and screen, Britney naturally fell in love with social media back in the MySpace days because it felt like one big stage! Not only does she prioritize spreading joy to her audience through her dancing and comedy videos, but she’s also passionate about using social media for good. Britney openly shares about her own mental health struggles and encourages others that want to make a change in the world to also tell their stories. With over 11 million views and counting, she’s positively impacting lives all over the world through her videos. 

 When Britney’s not working hard on her businesses, you can find her having a dance party with her two kiddos or cuddled up on the couch with wine and her husband watching their favorite tv shows.

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