Parents Getaway to Miami (video)

Enjoy an inside look at The Betsy Hotel, Trump National Doral Golf Course and more in my latest video all about Miami, baby! Continue reading “Parents Getaway to Miami (video)”


Parents Getaway in Miami – Where to Stay & What to Eat

Fun, Exciting, Beautiful, Wild – these are all of the adjectives that popped into my head when I first considered a getaway with my husband, Ryan, to Miami.  I said, “We’re still young. Going to Miami now is a good idea.” That was my way of justifying the trip to him. To be quite frank, I hope I’m up for trips to Miami even when I’m not young anymore.  But, whatever.  I made my point. He agreed to go. We live close to our kids’ grandparents who are more than willing to watch them if we go somewhere.  It was happening.  I was ready to ‘party in the city where the heat is on’ as Will Smith had preached to me for the past 20 years.

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