About Britney Crosson…
Performer – Writer – Entrepreneur

Hey, y’all.  I’m a wife, mother, performer, writer, businesswoman, yoga lover, wine drinker, food eater, pop culture lover and all around nice gal.  I reside in the Houston area with my husband, son, daughter and two dogs.  And if that got you super intrigued, there’s more!britney-2017-e

Performing has always been a part of my life.  I started in dance class as a 3 year old in my hometown in Texas.   My passion for performance continually grew and inspired me to participate in school plays, talent shows and anything else to get on stage or in front of an audience.  Films followed, then more theater and stage and so on.  I have performed in numerous shows on stage including plays, musicals and dance performances, as well as feature films, short films and commercials.

Writing was always a hobby of mine since childhood.  I’m currently writing my first stage play and have a mile-long list of writing goals lined up after that.  When my son was a baby, I was inspired to start writing my parenting blog, Kind Kiddo.  In 2016, I began expanding the Kind Kiddo brand by creating the Kind Kiddo Shop for family apparel, accessories and home and paper goods.

Here on BritneyCrosson.com I’m sharing all of my faves in Self, Lifestyle, Home, Travel and Beauty.  I love wine, great food, traveling, the arts, reality TV and pop music.  Helping others, through my writing, videos and live speaking gigs, to live a better life is my specialty.  I hope to inspire, motivate and entertain you.  We can do this.
The Britney Crosson Blog is intended for adult readers, and may contain explicit language.

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