Parents Getaway to Miami – What to Do

There was so much to share about our parents getaway to Miami, that I had to write this second blog post about it.  You can read all about the Miami hotel and restaurant highlights on my previous post, here.  Now it’s time to chat about fun things to do in Miami on a kid-free parents getaway.


Sure, kids love the beach.  But grownups do, too!  And, let’s face it.  There’s a big difference in a trip to the beach with kids versus without them.  So since we were in beautiful Miami Beach and our awesome hotel has reserved seating on the beach for guests, we absolutely had to go spend some time on the sand.  It was a Sunday morning and still pretty quiet.  We had coffee in our lounge chairs and watched the beautiful blue water for more than 2 hours.  It was absolutely perfect.


If you’re a mom of young children like me and thoroughly appreciate a solo trip to the grocery store, then you too absolutely must do some shopping on your kid-free getaway.  Imagine wandering around beautiful stores at a slow, leisurely pace…trying on clothes, exploring new things…sounds like heaven, right?  That’s exactly why I always make sure to do at least a little shopping on kid-free trips.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s still so fun.  Shopping in Miami Beach is really cool because of the eclectic collection of shops.  Since we spent the majority of our time in South Beach, we hit up some well-known South Beach stores, including DASH (owned by the Kardashian gals) and The Webster.  But we also made sure to hit up a surf shop to check out the silly and funky t-shirts and souvenirs.

The Bar

While some grownups head to a regular bar when they’re kid-free, we opted for a champagne bar.  Sounds fabulous, right?  Well, it is.  Le Sirenuse, a lovely restaurant at The Four Seasons in Miami Beach, has an attached champagne bar.  Y’all, this is one of the most gorgeous rooms I’ve ever been in.  With high ceilings, big palms, beautiful furniture and an ocean view, you’re going to get a taste (both figuratively and literally) of the good life.


I don’t play golf (yet), but my husband does.  And when he wants to go play a round at one of the most famous golf courses in the country, you ride along.  Trump National Doral Miami is a gorgeous property with golf courses, restaurants, pro shops and a full-on resort (Tiger Woods villa, anyone?).  And although we were without our kids on this visit, families are completely welcome here.  In fact, kids golf for free.  Our adventure on the Red Tiger course was super fun with perfect weather and gorgeous scenery.  Plus, the drink cart gals had Patron tequila and KIND Bars.  I was in heaven, I tell you.

I love it when Ryan and I go to a place kid-free and end up realizing that its the type of place we could go back to WITH the kids and have family fun, as well.  That’s exactly what happened with Miami.  Our parents getaway was fun and romantic and even a little wild, but we look forward to doing more and more traveling with our kids, as well, as they grow.


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