Hosting Tip: 3 Things You Need in Your Guest Bathroom

So, you want to be a great host, right?  You’ve already got a clean guest bathroom stocked with toilet paper, soap, and maybe even some mouthwash.  That’s a great start.  But here are the 3 things you need in your guest bath to help you go the extra mile for your guests.
3 things guest bathroom

1.  Wet Wipes – Quality toilet paper is good, but nothing works as magically as wet wipes.  No further explanation needed.
2.  Poo-Pourri – This magical stuff keeps the potty smelling fresh with just a couple of sprays before you go.  No more awkward exits from the bathroom during a party. 🙂
3.  Girl Box – Most grown women are prepared for when they need feminine hygiene products.  But just in case someone ends up in a…situation… a “girl box” will be her savior.  I used an old Birchbox, which is pretty and the perfect size, to stock with panty liners, pads and tampons.  Your female guests will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness.


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2 thoughts on “Hosting Tip: 3 Things You Need in Your Guest Bathroom

  1. “Girl Box” — I love this idea you know! Really this is a necessary item to be stored in my guest bathroom as well as I am arranging a party for the upcoming Sunday. Thanks for not writing a lot about it but the necessary ones. Great post!!!!

  2. You really added 3 so much appreciated products for any guest bathroom, while arranging for the upcoming party. But I want to add two more items, few new set towels and few new toothbrushes. This changes will help your users to avoid using any other’s used towels and if they think of brushing their teeth…..

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