Splurge and Save on Health and Beauty

Your health and beauty routine changes and goes through different phases over time, right?  Sometimes it barely exists, and sometimes it’s an obsession.  And there are plenty of other phases in between.  The splurges below are bigger investments, initially.  But by making smart choices with your money up front, you’ll see that you end up saving money over time on other things.  Here are my recommendations on where to splurge and where to save when it comes to beautifying yourself!  xo, Brit

Splurge on skincare, which will help you save on makeup!
I know, I know.  Makeup is more fun than skincare.  But if you take good care of your skin then you won’t have to buy super expensive makeup products all the time.  The makeup at drug stores and grocery stores can be pretty darn great.  And buying inexpensive makeup will allow you to have more of a variety in your makeup bag!

* Invest in high-quality skincare products.  I use Rodan+Fields Skincare Products and Lash Boost and LOVE them.  Email me at Britney@BritneyCrosson.com for more info.
* Drink water and eat well.  Seriously.  The cleaner you eat, the better you will feel AND look.
* Exercise.  You don’t have to be a marathon runner or weight lifting champion to be an active, strong person.  Do push-ups, planks and squats while you watch TV.  Your skin will thank you.

Splurge on hair products, which will help you save at the salon!
This one is tricky, and sometimes complex, depending upon your hair type.  But in general, if you take great care of your hair at home, you won’t find yourself running to the salon as often.  Great hair stylists and colorists aren’t always easy to come by.  So if you have one, hold onto them!  But as beautiful as their work can make us feel, it’s sometimes quite difficult to budget in hundreds of dollars every other month for hair upkeep.

* Do some research.  Search the internet, including YouTube, for info on great products for your hair type.  Also, make your products last longer by not washing your hair every day.  Use dry shampoo (or even baby powder) to freshen it up on non-wash days.
* Trial and error.  You might have to try several different types of products over time to find just the right stuff for your hair.  But trust me, it’s worth the effort.
* Go natural.  If you need to save some money and you’ve been coloring your hair at the salon for a long time, think about ways to go more natural and low maintenance.  You might just love your God-given color and texture once you find it again.

Splurge on natural remedies, which will help you save at the pharmacy!
You’ve heard.  You’ve seen.  Essential oils, vitamins, teas, plants…natural remedies are hot right now, and for good reason.  Mother Nature provides us with some pretty cool stuff, and we should all be taking advantage.  An excellent medical professional is a treasure, for sure.  But when it comes to common ailments, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that $50 pharmacy trip every time you get the sniffles?

* I take several vitamins daily – a multi-vitamin, a b-complex vitamin and a fish oil supplement.  Vitamins and supplements can actually assist in addressing specific health concerns in a more natural way than some prescription medications.  Consult a medical professional for advice.
* Essential Oils are super popular these days.  I use Young Living Essential Oils for common ailments, aches and pains and even simply for pleasure because some of them smell so good.  Email me at Britney@BritneyCrosson.com for more info.
* EAT REAL FOOD.  Look, I’m not perfect when it comes to food.  I mean, I ate so much of that canned nacho cheese during my first pregnancy…yum.  But for the most part, I focus on consuming things that are real, nutritious and not processed.  You can use healthy ingredients to make some hot tea or soup when you’re sick.  And if you eat clean on a regular basis, it will help your overall health, which means less sick days and more fun days.


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