Wynn Las Vegas is Everything You Want in Sin City

Believe it or not, some of us try to avoid chaos when we go to Vegas.  Sure, I love a good time, cocktails, music and fun.  But you won’t necessarily find me hanging out at the pool with all of the college kids on Labor Day Weekend.  If you’re like me, then you too will LOVE Wynn Las Vegas.  It has all of the fun of Sin City without the crazy.  Feel me?  

As you may have read in my previous post about our room with a view at Wynn Las Vegas, this luxury casino resort is clean, beautiful and extremely comfortable.  It also has amenities, galore.  

First of all, it’s lovely.  I mean, seriously.  This place is super attractive.  From the flower-covered carousel to the perfectly manicured pool area, Wynn serves eye candy like no place else.  I’d recommend setting aside a few hours of your trip to leisurely stroll around the entire Wynn/Encore property.  If you’re an Instagrammer, you’ll find priceless photo opps around every corner.  Snap away!

Tiny Treasures is a cool toy store full of unique toys and accessories for babies and kids that’s located right inside Wynn.  With our two little cuties at home with their grandparents, my husband and I decided to pop in to see what sort of goodies we could grab for them.  Our daughter scored an adorable tea set made of wood, and our son got a cool robot toy and some Lego-like things made of wood as well.  

Just across from Tiny Treasures is the entrance to the pool area.  Y’all.  Its immaculate.  Everything was clean and lovely and very well kept.  There are these lovely private cabanas that have Juliet balconies that I was obsessed with.  And there’s even an adults-only European pool.  We were there in February, but the pools and hot tubs were heated and being used by visitors.  

Another must see at Wynn is the Esplanade.  Dior, Chanel, Rolex, oh my!  It’s all there, guys.  And these shops are gorgeous.  Window shopping at its finest, for sure.  (Tip:  The illuminated Dior storefront makes for excellent selfie lighting.  You’re welcome.)

See? Perfect selfie lighting. No filter!

And finally, we must talk food.  Restaurants are one of my fave attractions in Las Vegas, and Wynn does not disappoint.  We literally weren’t there for enough meals to try all of the restaurants.  But we did make it to quite a few.  First of all, the buffet is the best I’ve ever had in Vegas.  We had a dinner there, and it was wonderful.  There were so many healthy and nutritious options with plenty of indulgences as well.  We ate crab legs and shrimp cocktail and sushi rolls and roasted turkey and truffle potatoes and salad and rolls and desserts and plenty more.  On our second day there we stopped in at Terrace Pointe Cafe for a late lunch.  We both ate burgers, but mine was actually from their vegetarian menu (plenty of meat-free options all over the resort).  And, get this.  I got a Gardein burger with vegan cheese and veggies, fries and a vegan milkshake for ELEVEN DOLLARS.  What?!? I can barely eat fast food in Vegas for $11 per person.  Much less a good sit-down lunch.  It was the most pleasant little surprise all day.  Trying to make our last night in Vegas last, we had a super late dinner (as in, 1am) at Allegro.  That’s their thing – late dinners.  We had a rigatoni and meatball dish that had the most delicious tomato sauce ever and a delicious pizza.  (Tip: That pizza was bigger than we expected.  If there are two of you and you’re not starving, all you need is the one pizza.). And finally, on the day of our departure, we ended our visit with brunch at La Cave.  Guys, this was SUCH a treat.  I highly recommend it.  We walked right past the extremely long line for brunch at the buffet and directly in to our reserved table in La Cave.  They serve a brunch buffet, but it’s butler-style.  What this means is that you can eat as much as you want at a flat price, but the servers bring trays of food by your table every few minutes instead of you getting up to refill your own plate.  Ever been to Fogo de Chao?  It’s like that.  Plus, they had bottomless mimosas.  I mean…yes, please.  It’s was the happiest, booziest brunch I’ve ever had.  Skip the traditional buffet and make a brunch reservation at La Cave, and thank me later. (Tip: They’re also a wine bar, so it’s great for an evening meal, too.)

Wynn Las Vegas is definitely my new home base in Las Vegas.  I really don’t even need to leave.  It’s luxurious, yet not intimidating and chic, yet casual cool.  

One thing that we’re looking forward to exploring on our next visit is The Country Club restaurant and the golf course.  It rained for most of our stay, but next time it’s surely on our adventure list.  

Are you staying at Wynn Las Vegas soon?  Tell me how it goes!  And, enjoy!! 


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