Affordable Luxury: Sixty Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills.  It’s one of the most famous zip codes in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to take a peak at what is known as one of the most luxurious and wealthy towns in existence?  I’ve been fascinated with Beverly Hills since I was a preteen.  The TV show, Beverly Hills 90210 was my absolute fave.  I still love it, actually.  From there I continued to be drawn in by any TV show, movie (Beverly Hills Cop, anyone?) or magazine article that mentioned the beautiful home of the one and only Rodeo Drive.

My husband and I have visited Los Angeles multiple times, and have even had a couple of dinners in Beverly Hills, but we hadn’t ever stayed there.  So when I was planning our recent kid-free wedding anniversary trip to L.A. I chose Beverly Hills as our home base.  While many hotels in Beverly Hills cost at least $500 per night, Sixty Beverly Hills costed us under $300 per night.  Whaaaat?  Yeah.  For about $265 per night (totals about $300 per night after taxes) we stayed in the bottom right tip of the golden triangle on Wilshire Blvd. at Sixty Beverly Hills, a sleek, cool luxury hotel with a heck of a lot to offer.  

Lovely lobby, Sixty Beverly Hills

The entire staff was always very professional and friendly.  From our first greeting when we checked in to the concierge sending champagne and flowers to our room to our final departure, we were treated very well the entire trip.  Our room and bathroom were both clean (#1 priority on my list) with a view of The Hollywood Sign, mirrors on the ceiling (yep) and some super soft bathrobes.  We both love to sleep with a fan on, so they gladly sent a fan to our room.  Although Wilshire is quite a busy road, it really wasn’t very noisy at all when we were sleeping.  There was free coffee in the lobby on weekend mornings, free Los Angeles Times newspapers and the turn down service each evening meant delicious little chocolates on our pillows before bed.  

Obsessed with the shiny hallway

The room service food from their restaurant, Caulfield’s, was delicious (remember to share when you’re on a budget – one entree is usually enough for two people if you’re not super duper hungry).  Plus, it’s close to plenty of other restaurants, and even a Whole Foods Market.  In fact, we walked to the Whole Foods right there in Beverly Hills from the hotel simply because we love Whole Foods.  It’s a small, but very nice location.  We also visited the Whole Foods Market when we went to Laguna Beach on this trip, which I blogged about here.  See?  We love Whole Foods.  Anyway, some of the restaurants we visited within walking distance of Sixty were Shanghai Grille (right across the street, delicious food, huge portions), Brighton Coffee Shop (best chai latte ever) and Mastro’s Steakhouse (delicious, great service, hot spot, live music).  And there are plenty more that we didn’t get to.  We had eaten at both CUT Beverly Hills and The Palm Beverly Hills on previous trips to L.A., both of which were excellent.  

Room service breakfast = heaven

If you’re truly going to stay in Beverly Hills for your entire trip and not venture out to other parts of Los Angeles, then you won’t even need your own car, which means you won’t have to pay $39 per night for parking.  We didn’t need a car our first night, so we saved some money there.  And on our second day we were able to walk down Wilshire just a bit to Midway Car Rental to pick up our rental car.  We also saved money by using their Beverly Hills location, avoiding airport fees at their LAX location.  Midway is a great company to work with.  We’ve used them twice now and have always been treated well.  FYI -both times we rented a cute little Mercedes, because we drive family-sized cars at home and the Mercedes is a fun change.  It really isn’t that much more expensive than a “less cool” car.  I think it’s totally worth the little splurge.

Sixty Beverly Hills also has a really great rooftop pool and bar area, which unfortunately we didn’t get to experience much of on our trip.  The weather was gloomy and even a bit drizzly here and there.  But we did go up there to check it out real quick, and it was lovely.

If you want to stay in Beverly Hills, but you’re on a normal person’s budget, I can’t recommend Sixty Beverly Hills enough.  It’s clean, cool, luxurious without being intimidating or stuffy, affordable and full of all the amenities you’re looking for.  

I’ve got plenty more to share about our Beverly Hills adventure.  Stay tuned.  xo

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

This is not a sponsored post.


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