What size do I wear?!

At 5’10” it’s already challenging to properly dress myself.  Most places don’t carry tall sizes for ladies in stores, leaving me to order many things online, which is fun at times and a pain in the ass at other times.  My fellow tall gals feel me on that, right?  But the fact that each brand of clothing fits differently, makes shopping even more difficult.
So, I have a couple of size 8 jeans that are tight (can’t quite let go of ’em – maybe they’ll fit someday, right? Ha!).  I also have a pair of 8s that aren’t tight at all.  And then there are a few size 10s that all fit me, just a bit differently from each other.  So today when I was lucky enough to go to H&M alone (kids were in school), I was excited to try on some things, including jeans.  I grabbed all size 10s. The thought of grabbing the smaller of the possibilities to have them be too tight is a daunting one.  I can be all, I don’t need to be super skinny!, but the bottom line is, asking an attendant for the next size UP isn’t super fun.  So, anyway, I headed off to try on all the 10s, thinking maybe I’d be pleasantly surprised at a pair or two being a tiny bit loose.  The first ones I tried on were the Shaping Skinny Regular Waist jeans.  They looked VERY small at first glance, but because the tag said “Body Shaping Hi-Tech Stretch” I thought maybe they would stretch out a bunch and fit like leggings.  Well, I was right about the stretching and fitting like leggings.  But they were also way too small, particularly in the tummy area.  Granted, my tummy area hasn’t been the same since having my first c-section 5 1/2 years ago, but damn.  These were so tight that I couldn’t even button them.  Boggled by the whole situation, I put those jeans up against the Mossimo size 10s from Target that I wore into the store that day and was shocked at what I saw.  There was a really big difference in the two pair of jeans.  So I tossed those tiny 10s aside, moved on to trying on the rest of my things and ended up loving quite a lot of it.
I actually highly recommend H&M, in general.  But I wanted to use this experience as an example to show all you gals out there that you’re not crazy.  Sizing varies SO MUCH from brand to brand sometimes.  And there are even times when sizing can vary within the same brand and same style.  This whole sizing thing is a great reminder for someone like me that can get hung up on numbers.  Yes, we all have our most-of-the-time clothing size.  But if we have to adjust a size up (or down) at times, it’s cool.  Or at least it should be.  I’m still working on it and just generally need to calm the hell down about the whole thing.  It’s not worth the stress.  I mean, in many situations the number 10 represents perfection, right?  Talk about perspective…


8 thoughts on “What size do I wear?!

  1. I really appreciate your honesty in this post! I am on the petite side of things and I constantly have to get my jeans altered (in fact, I have a brand new pair from last season that I still haven’t worn because they’re way too long and I need to get them fitted!). It can be challenging to find clothes that fit really well, but I like that you’re trying to have such a positive perspective about it-that’s something I need to work on!😊

    Xx, Emily

  2. I actually work at H&M and you wouldn’t believe the amount of therapy I have to do when it comes to our bottoms! For whatever reason, they’re cut so, so, SO small. I’m typically a 6 in most places but I have to get at least a 10 there. I always have to convince women who are discouraged when the pants don’t fit that it’s not them, it’s the clothes! Great post, love your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! That’s too funny that you have to give “therapy” at work! Poor ladies! Lol You’re too sweet. Thanks so much for reading. 😊

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