Good Morning

Every single time I enter my baby’s room for the first time in the morning, I am greeted by an adorable and enthusiastic smiling boy.  He’s on his belly with his arms and legs up like he’s “flying”, kicking his legs, all while smiling the biggest and brightest smile I’ve ever seen.  This automatically makes mornings amazing.  His energy almost reminds me of a dog’s extremely ecstatic reaction to it’s human coming home from work every day.  He is just as excited on Tuesday morning as he was on Monday morning, and just as excited on Wednesday as he was on Tuesday.  What an incredible reminder to be thankful for each morning that we see.  I know that one day he may not greet me so positively every morning (envisioning a teenager saying “Mommm, turn off the light!  It’s early!”).  But for now, Rowdy certainly makes every morning a Good Morning.


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